Trading Rules

Due to the fact that market conditions may fluctuate sharply, ART INTELLIGENT reserves the rights to, without prior notice to customers, adjust the said deposit requirement as and when ART INTELLIGENT deems necessary.

Market Order
Limited Order
Setting and cancellation of limited order can only be executed when the limited price is over or below the current market price 20 spreads ( 20 points for Forex).
After successful setting, if the market price reaches the set price, the limited order will be executed at the set price. If the market price fluctuates rapidly, the limited order may fail to be executed, or may be executed at a higher or lower price.
The minimum trading volume is one lot per new order, one lot per liquidation and one lot per one-cancel-the-other order. The maximum trading volume depends on the effective margin in the trading account.
The maximum trading volume per 1 order is 20 lots.
No limit
The unrealised profit/loss calculated by marking to market of the position(s) maintained.
The latest balance amount in the trading account which hasn’t counted the floating profit or loss.
The guaranteed amount that meets the requirement of the initial margin when there is any position in the trading account.
E = B + F

The balance in customer's ledger account at any given time, plus any floating profit or minus any floating loss and after adjusting for any income credited to and charges levied against the account.
E ≤ 50% N

Customer will be called upon by ART INTELLIGENT for Additional Margin when the net value of EQUITY of customer's account is less than 50% of the Basic Margin Requirement set by ART INTELLIGENT . The amount of Additional Margin shall be sufficient to restore the net value of customer’s account to the level of Necessary Margin as required by ART INTELLIGENT .

Additional Margin must be deposited with ART INTELLIGENT in cash / cashier order or personal cheque/ company cheque / bank transfer before Hong Kong Time 18:00 of the next Trading Day (the “prescribed time”). For cheque deposits, such fund must be deposited into the account on the next business day following the bank’s confirmation of transfer.

Should the customer confirm his agreement to deposit Additional Margin (the “Confirmation”) after being called upon by ART INTELLIGENT for Additional Margin, but thereafter default in depositing the full amount of Additional Margin by the prescribed time, ART INTELLIGENT shall be entitled at its discretion to settle the customer’s positions, which is to be determined by comparing the following:

In the event of the balance of a customer account is insufficient to meet the necessary margin requirement of the open position(s) after execution of the order, ART INTELLIGENT will immediately notify the customer to liquidate the excess position(s) at market price. Should the customer fail to place settlement order immediately or cannot be reached, ART INTELLIGENT shall have the right to square such over-traded contracts at market price on customer’s behalf. Any profit/loss and expenses incurred will be for account of the customer.
If there is insufficient margin of any position held overnight, customer will be informed of restoring the net value of customer’s account to the level of Initial Margin for overnight position as required by ART INTELLIGENT before Hong Kong Time 18:00 of the next Trading Day (the “prescribed time”). If customer fails to supplement the insufficient margin within the prescribed time, customer’s position which is incompatible with this rule will be settled at any market price by ART INTELLIGENT . Customer shall be liable for any losses and expenses resulting from such event, any profits incurred will not be come under customer’s account.
E ≤ 30% N

When the market continues to move against customer's positions and customer's effective margin is less than 30% of the Day-Trade Margin Requirement of ART INTELLIGENT , customer's positions will be locked in whole or in part by ART INTELLIGENT at ART INTELLIGENT 's absolute discretion without any prior notice, customer shall be liable for any losses and expenses resulting from such event.
An interest shall be paid to / deducted from the customer’s account daily on the open long/short position maintained with ART INTELLIGENT . Interest rate will vary depending on different products traded and subject to change according to market situations.
If activated trading account with fund deposited, is going to be closed without any trading, customer has to undertake all bank charges due to deposit and withdrawal. Another 2% of customer’s deposit margin will be charged as commission fees.
  * ART INTELLIGENT reserves the absolute discretion to amend the above without prior notice. Please pay    close attention to our website.
* ART INTELLIGENT = Art Intelligent Technology PTE. LTD